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Want to cut your ground balls IN HALF?  Can't catch up to certain fastballs, or way out in front of breaking balls? Struggle to drive an outside pitch to the opposite field?  Pull it hard but it hooks and sometimes ends up foul?  These and other problems are because of YOUR SWING.  Our Swing Fix package addresses these and many other issues.

  • Swing assessment of current swing

  • Before and after video of swing upon completion

  • Film and video work

  • Ten 60-90 minute sessions within three months


Get THE SWING FIX at a discounted rate. Parents/Coaches/Players: Have a group or a team that all want to learn the high level swing together?  This can be taught in a group setting with a minimum of 4 players in either a once-a-week course or a 2-3 day clinic.  Pricing varies depending on your needs.  Please contact us.


Once you have a great swing, THEN you can learn how to hit.  Swinging and hitting are two dramatically different topics.  This includes THE SWING FIX package, and then takes it to the next level as you will now learn how to hit.  Learn how to build adjustability in your swing to deal with different pitch locations and speeds, how and when to have an approach, the psychology of hitting, and much more.  Most importantly, learn the ability to SELF CORRECT. 

  • THE SWING FIX package PLUS:

  • How to hit different pitches

  • The power of having a routine

  • Approach

  • The mental game

  • Understanding how and why you took a bad swing

  • Much, much more

  • Forty 60-minutes sessions within a year


Clients who have gone through our SWING....THEN HIT package are now eligible for a huge discount with THE RETURNERS package.  Keep maintaining your swing and continue to hone the craft of hitting, one of the most difficult things to do in sports.


Professional teams, coaching staffs, facilities or organizations with multiple travel teams: We can come to you.  We can either coach your players or train your coaches to get the most out of your hitters.  Contact us for pricing.

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