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  • Spending THOUSANDS of dollars to improve, yet there's no development?

  • Are you hitting until your hands get blisters but not getting better? 

  • Do you have multiple practices a week but still struggle in games?

  • Traveling all over for tournaments or "Showcases" and wonder if there's more out there?

We can show you why.


Over the last 15 years, we have seen massive growth of expensive travel teams and indoor facilities.  Yet, developing future baseball and softball players has not grown at nearly the same pace.  So, we decided to act.  Our team has a life long obsession with hitting.  Outside of sports, our team has trained and taught people in various corporate settings.  Our expertise in these two fields results in the best hitting information in the world, taught better than anywhere else in the world.

We have passionately studied many different tools like these to create our unique teaching method:

  • Video analysis

  • Books

  • Podcasts

  • Indoor facility management

  • Conventions

  • Debates

  • Websites

  • Interviews

  • Ebooks

  • Psychology

  • Coaching camps

  • Playing the sport

  • Managing ball teams

  • And many more

When you combine our expertise on hitting and the ability to teach it with a player or coach who really cares, that's when the magic happens and hitters reach their true potential.

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